Stylising your bar refrigerator with downlights

You may have seen how pretty downlights at a pool or the exterior of a corporate headquarters can look. Sometimes they are plain white lights; other times they are colourful. However, they always add a touch of class to the item they are accentuating. However, commercial refrigeration equipment sometimes doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Rather than just have it sitting plainly behind the bar, adding colourful lights that blend with the theme of the bar or nightclub can be an excellent way of making the venue feel cool and fresh.

Something as subtle as using coloured lights to highlight a refrigerator can subconsciously (or overtly) make your venue more appealing. If people feel like they are in a fancy location, they may be willing to spend more, which, ultimately, will lead to a bigger bottom line.

According to the scientific article Psychology of Light: Lighting Affects Human Performance by Craig DiLouie, increasing the relative brightness is an integral part of creating focal points within a space. In a retail store, for example, it can attract the attention of shoppers to specific merchandise (as governed by the lighting layout). As you can imagine, a bar or nightclub’s biggest priority (besides, perhaps, safety) is selling lots of drinks. Because of this, attracting patrons to the bar with lights is like drawing a moth to the flame.

Research conducted by Lyle H. Taylor and Eugene W. Sucov in the 1970s demonstrated that, when subjects had been instructed to enter a room by navigating around a barrier to get to a task that was located on the other side, they mostly went right. However, when the brightness was increased on the left side, people tended to go left instead.

Best of all, such lighting is relatively cheap; in fact, you can pick up downlights for around $50. By chaining multiple downlights together in an array, you can help balance the light out in a natural, aesthetically pleasing way. Don’t overdo it, of course; the idea is for the lighting to be subtle, not blinding. Using dimmers can increase the globes’ longevity as well as achieve a moodier tone.

Now that you’ve got your fridge highlighted, you might want to consider other facets of your establishment; in particular, the entrance way, which is an ideal spot for placing lights. People — especially inebriated punters — are much more susceptible to the allure of a well-lit area, so be sure to factor this in when designing (or upgrading) your establishment.

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